Searching Tips


  •  Try different searches - it's free & only cost a little time.  Don't give up after one or two tries.  Use multiple search words (10 or less) & change their order (left to right in importance).  Try them in different combinations.


  •  Think of words the authors used on their web pages & especially words that make the page unique.


  •  If you are looking for reliable information, don't go too far down the list of results.  Stay with the higher ranked pages.


  •  Examine the pages already found for additional keywords (example).


  •  Use the "similar pages" link or the "~" or "link:" qualifiers to broaden the search.


  •  For broken links or for pages that don't display completely, use the "cached" link (example).



  •  Search within results.


  •  Use double quotes (" ") for phrases & names.




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