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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Chinese Luncheon May 19

Personal Chef, Margaret Martin, will prepare a Chinese luncheon of many flavors in her home on May 19.  Margaret will share her planning techniques, recipes, cooking tips and food trivia just as she would in your home as your personal chef.  Sit back, watch and enjoy the cuisine as Margaret guides you on an exciting and fun Chinese culinary experience of these delicious foods:

Chilled Szechwan Shrimp

Easy make-ahead appetizer with the haunting pungency of Szechwan peppercorns & ginger.

Steamed Spinach & Ginger Dumplings with Sesame Soy Dipping Sauce

Succulent dim sum fare wrapped in wonton wrappers


Beef & Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce

An all-time favorite among Chinese beef dishes with unique fermented black beans (actually soy beans)


Cantonese Sweet & Sour Baked Chicken with Kumquat Sauce

Apricot-based marinade gives a fruity sweetness to baked chicken served with a vibrant sweet & sour kumquat sauce

Mrs. Chiang's Cucumber, Carrot & Noodle Salad

Typical raw vegetable salad with contrasting colors & textures in a garlicky sauce


Seasonal Fruit with Rosemary Syrup

Fragrant syrup is an unusual blend of wine, vinegar, peppercorns & rosemary


Almond Cookies

One of the few baked Chinese desserts topped with pine nuts often used in northern Chinese cuisine


$25 gift certificate for Margaret's personal chef service will be given to each luncheon attendee.  This luncheon is limited to seven people and will be held in Margaret’s home at 78 Orchard Lane in Durango's Hermosa area from 

11am – 1pm Thursday, May 19.  Please contact Margaret if you would like to attend the Chinese luncheon.

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