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As your personal chef, Margaret will customize your menu, shop, cook, serve and clean up of pots & pans and tableware*, whichever services you desire.

Margaret's premium Soup-to-Nuts all inclusive* service, is $40/hour for her time plus the retail cost of the food.  Margaret gives a maximum price guarantee, however if the hours required to prepare your meal and the retail food expense are less, you will be billed  accordingly.  A deposit is required in advance to secure your cook date.  The deposit is approximately 25% of the guaranteed amount and will be deducted from the final invoice which is presented after your meal.  Depending on the number of guests and complexity of the menu, an assistant may be required and will be charged at $25/hour.

Margaret's Popular Menus Service is a set price for labor plus the cost of the food.  The labor includes planning, shopping, preparing the food, serving the food buffet-style and clean-up of the pots and pans.  Choose one of Margaret's Popular Menus for $300 labor cost for 8 people plus the food cost.  Each additional person is $30 labor cost plus the additional food cost.   

New Cuisine Cooking:  You & your friends can have a fun & entertaining experience learning to prepare fabulous food in the comfort of your home with your very own personal chef, Margaret, as your guide.  Learn about different & exciting cuisines such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, New Orleans style, Algerian  ... the list goes on & on.  All menus are customized to client preferences.


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